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Civility and Etiquette Are More Important Than Ever! 

Have you ever taken a call or checked your email while in a business meeting? Have you been a party to gossip in the workplace? Have you embarrassed yourself and an international colleague by using a gesture incorrectly? Have you
distributed a stack of business cards at a networking event? Have you ordered a salad at a meal interview? Have you double-dipped at a party? Do you know the difference between business and social etiquette? Learn to navigate the nuances of social and business civility and etiquette to avoid these faux pas and much more!

The Civility & Etiquette Centre is a leading civility, etiquette, protocol, and refinement training and coaching company providing keynotes, classes, executive coaching, and consulting on:

* Business Etiquette & Civility

* Working in A Multicultural Office

* Managing Global Teams

* Executive Refinement

* Diversity Etiquette

* Building Workplace Respect

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