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Succeeding in a Global World - International Business Etiquette

Succeeding in a Global World - International Business Acumen

Do you currently conduct or are looking to conduct business internationally?
Have you had a global business deal go sour because you operated under the U.S. model of conducting business?
Did you wonder why your global client didn’t sign the contract when it was simply a formality?
Did you feel indignant that your client was two hours late to a scheduled meeting when you flew across three time zones to meet with them?
Is your client ignoring the agenda you carefully prepared for the meeting?
Do you manage a global team and find it frustrating when they don’t provide input at meetings?
Did you even give a poor performance review to a direct report because of this lack of input?
Did you embarrass your international colleague by eating everything on you dinner plate?
Did you bring a gift for your customer, only to have it put aside?
Did you put your international colleague’s business card in your pocket only to see a look of shock and horror? And did you receive a loose handshake from a global client that left you wondering about their level of professionalism?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will benefit from cross-cultural training.

It is critical in our global economy to be culturally savvy in understanding international business customs. U.S. communication, negotiation, and cultural styles do not work across the globe, and to be successful, business professionals and companies must be attuned to cultural and business differences.

Additionally, companies in the U.S. are diverse and include individuals with different cultural backgrounds. Creating, interacting with, managing, and leading diverse and inclusive teams is essential to individual, team, and business success.

In the “Succeeding in a Global World - International Business Acumen” program, participants will learn about cultural differences and similarities in business, and to interact more comfortably in our global world. Each program is customized to your organization’s business needs. A pre-program consultation with key stakeholders and an online evaluation are conducted to determine participants’ needs and questions, the information which is used for customization of the program and materials targeting your key business concerns. Each program is highly interactive and hands-on.

Regions include:  Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Eastern Europe/Eurasia, Latin America, Middle East, North America, Oceania, and Western Europe.