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Refinement, Professionalism, Etiquette, Civility,  Diversity,
Cross-Cultural Communications 

Professional Services

We provide guidance in strategic planning, client research, enhancing interoffice relationships & external client relationships, developing effective mentoring programs, developing effective training and development programs, and assisting company leaders and staff in successfully navigating through challenges and opportunities.

Policy Manuals
We will revise or create your company's policy manuals and culture guidelines. We will partner with with you in creating rollout initiatives such as communications and training.


provide facilitation of your key meetings, retreats, and provide our expertise in creating a civil workplace, effective leadership, and communications. We work with you to create productive sessions customized to meet your company’s goals and objectives. Prior to the programs, we will conduct a gap analysis through internal and external surveys 

offer many workshops for professionals in etiquette, civility, global protocol and teaming, leadership, refinement, and communications. Additionally, we offer train-the-trainer sessions so those in your company can conduct training on an ongoing basis as needed. All workshops may be offered in English, Spanish, Bi-lingual, and Dual-lingual (English/Spanish). 

The Civility & Etiquette Centre 
provides ongoing one-on-one coaching and team coaching for improved performance

New Hire Integration
We offer key professional guidance and services for your company to improve effectiveness and integration of team members:

  • Developing an Associate Mentoring Program
  • Developing Orientation Programs 

Surveys & Analysis
will conduct both internal and external assessments: Gap Analysis / Internal Assessments
Communication, Competencies, Culture,
Leadership), and Client Surveys.