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Book - The Power of Civility

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The Power of Civility is packed with thought-provoking perspectives on what civility really means, as well as practical solutions for incorporating civility best practices into your work and life. In this comprehensive book, eighteen top civility and etiquette professionals go beyond the typical "please and thank you" conversations about civility and challenge you to think about your personal standards, accountability, values, and what it means to be committed to choosing civility, whether at home, at work, in your community, or in public—at home and abroad.

This book provides the tools you need to boost your social intelligence and build your cultural competence, giving you the confidence and poise to go anywhere and be welcomed as a caring and considerate citizen of the world. Discover the Power of civility!

Topics include: 

  • Leadership Civility
  • Civility in Business
  • Civility in Healthcare
  • Historical Perspectives on Civility
  • Campus Civility
  • Cultural Competence
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Cost of Incivility
  • and much more!