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Training Programs

What do you do when meeting a customer at a coffee shop and find he is on a call?
What do you do when you realize you have given someone a poor handshake?
What do you do when you have forgotten someone's name?
How many business cards are appropriate to share at networking events?
What do you do when you have forgotten someone's name?
Whom do you introduce first in a business introduction?
Can you "friend" a customer on Facebook?
Do men get the chair for a female colleague at a business meal?
When do you begin discussing business at a business meal?
What does "business casual" really mean?
What body language can erode credibility?
Can you swear at work?

Learn the answers to these questions, and to Navigate the Nuances!  

The Civility & Etiquette Centre provides Training, Meeting Facilitation, Keynotes, and One-on-one Coaching. 

Topics include business & social etiquette, international business interactions, civility,refinement, communications, leadership, strategic planning, and professionalism. Also offered are family classes on family dining etiquette and social media etiquette. Content and format can be customized for your specific needs. Workshops are offered in full-day, half-day, and one- to two-hour formats. Courses offered on-site, via webinar, and teleseminar.

Contact us to learn how you can schedule the Civility & Etiquette Centre for a class, keynote, or private event!